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Visitor Experiences

We have been working closely with The Guinness Storehouse to enhance the visitor experience at several locations in the Storehouse.  We provide a mix of entertainers at key locations during the tour and have surprises built in a several areas.  These range from great music sessions in Arthurs bar to tasting experiences with a twist.

Theatrical Special Effects

Levitating and vanishing cars, making multiple people appear and disappear or creating a new world all pushing the boundaries of your imagination.  All of this and much more is possible at JBE.  We trained in the art of illusion from a young age and have worked with some of the great masters of the art.  If you want to add that extra special dimension to your event or product launch and create a WOW for your audience, we can help you.  Combining magic and illusion principles with modern projection and lighting technology can create a powerful live event experience. We love to push the boundaries of the imagination.

Special FX from JBE are available on Vimeo

Irish Dancers

Now almost a staple of many entertainment packages we were the originators of the Irish Dancing Table Dancers at an event we crated for Schwarzkopf.  We still have the best troupes and the most innovative performances.