Launching a new building – and a new Quarter

  Posted on 2nd November 2017

When Chalk, Hibernian Reit’s creative partners, approached us to work with them on the launch of 2WML we were excited.  2 Windmill Lane is the second phase of the development of a new quarter for the city called SOBO (South of Beckett and O’Casey).  Windmill Lane is synonymous with great music so that gave us a jumping off point for our thinking about the event.

The clients wanted a rolling launch party with a great welcome, great food (without a kitchen) and top-notch entertainment – all to highlight their amazing new building.  So, we went to work.  We commissioned some new arrangements of hits recorded at the old studios, put together a strolling brass ensemble on the street (thanks to Brass Monkeys), hired some stilt walking waiters to pour the wines (and show off the double height space and the massive atrium space on 2WML which will act like a town square when the development is tenanted), and a stunning string quartet.  And it was quite the party.

The food and wine were a hit but it was the entertainment and the ease with which the event flowed were what the client really loved.  All in a day’s work for the team at JBE.

  Toan Hall Sqaure

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